Pride goes before a fall

“Pride goes before a fall” Proverbs 16: 17-19. Presumptuous of my salvation in Christ I found myself unutilized for Glory. Blindly I have somehow taken in the seed of the prince of this world to darken my mind; yet I held steadfast to believe the works of Christ. I had lost my way though, I discerned no power, my spirits senses were naught. John 6: 63. Gladly the Everlasting Father does not leave behind. Romans 11: 29. With an inconspicuous nudge I found my knees touch the earth, and head bowed too, this among many Christ Kingdom observations I have omitted, I thought it wasn’t needful since I had the Spirit. Isaiah 14: 14-15. How heart wrenching to know you have made yourself equal to Christ.


Psalm Twenty Five

Let Love and Faithfulness never leave you;
bind them around your neck,
write them on the tablet of your heart.
Then you will win favor and a good name
in the sight of God and man.

I thank you Everlasting Father, it is your Love and Faithfulness that brings favor and a good name to me. Yes by your Spirit, Love and Faithfulness is placed on the hollow of my heart. I have not known these or shown the qualities of Love and Faithfulness ever. I now turn my trust to your Faithfulness Christ Jesus that you will guide me to Love and be Faithful.

Thank you for your Flesh broken and Blood poured Everlasting Father. Thank you for your completed work of Mercy Christ Jesus, help my mind be focused on you. My desire to want my will fulfilled; deliver me of this folly Christ Jesus, and of the want of the world set me free. Only let my mind urge for your wisdom Christ.

Thank you for your Flesh and Blood Everlasting Father. Thank you for your completed work of Righteousness Christ Jesus.



So I decided to embark on a Fast

So I decided to embark on a Fast. Lets call it a Fast I listened calmly to myself. I don’t do Fast. I used to though, but could not believe my deliberate state to starve myself benefited myself or the Most High. This was no food Fast; I will abstain from sex and masturbation. It wasn’t a subtle choice but being at the lowest point of my life, “excluding the other two rock bottom I have reached in the past” my confidence in Christ’s Grace begins to wane, I need a relationship rather than my incessant ramblings in His Presence. Luke 10: 39-42.

Psalm Twenty Four

You have established me in your Presence, even so you are continually working on my mind  Christ Jesus.

When I fear my children’s future; I dedicate them to you Christ Jesus, but you tell me fulfilling your Presence is my greatest gift for them. Thank you for you have placed them in a house built and well maintained; your Kingdom Everlasting Father. Thank you Christ Jesus for you have saved your young ones from ruin and poverty, and delivered them from their inheritance of death.

You are the All Mighty One. I know you alone is. You have done mighty works from the beginning of mankind to deliver us from the darkness in which we were conceived. You Everlasting Father could have left us but you did not. When we were not your children, as alien to your Kingdom you left your lofty place to seek mankind. You broke your very Flesh and poured out your Blood to bring us into your Righteousness.

You alone is Holy. You alone is Worthy. You alone is Faithful. You alone deserve Praise. Thank you for your completed work of Salvation Christ Jesus.


Psalms Of David-King

Psalm Twenty Three

You declared by your servant king Solomon:

The fear of the Lord is the beginning of Knowledge, but fools despise Wisdom and instruction. Your very word Christ Jesus declares seek and you will find. Knock and the door will be opened. Ask and you will be given.

I ask you now Everlasting Father prudence to seek you, to want you, to accept you more than anything in my thoughts or before me

I have been living only by my animal instinct;  now I partake in your Flesh and Blood Christ Jesus. I believe your Holy Spirit to empower me a vessel for your Glory

Merciful Christ Jesus let me repent at your rebuke, In time past I have refused to listen and not paid attention when you reached to me. Everlasting Father pour out your thoughts to me again, make known to me your teachings and your Holy Spirit to grant me understanding,  by your Flesh broken and Blood poured I receive this grace Christ Jesus.

In the Mercy of the Most High. To those who dwell in darkness, you send your word, and it brings healing and deliverance. This I believe; Christ Jesus. 

Everlasting Father transform me from my foolishness, then I confirm my whole being will be receptive to your Wisdom to fulfill your Will and Purpose, to bring light into my darkness.

Thank you Everlasting father for your Flesh and Blood. Thank you Christ Jesus you have completed the works of Mercy.

Psalms Of David-King


Psalm Twenty Two

I fear no more the chaos that surrounds. My sanctuary is the Everlasting Father. All of my hope is you Christ Jesus. My life was ruined by my own hands when I stayed with death.

My thoughts made no Light but darkened my very essence. Then you opened the gate of darkness, stripped open the everlasting door of chaos and you let my soul out, by the Everlasting Power of the Blood of the Lamb.

I receive your Sacrifice with true conviction Christ Jesus, my soul and my mind emancipates with your Holy Spirit within. I see myself rise from desolation to do the will of the Everlasting Father.

Your servants declared your word in time past:

His pleasure is not in the strength of the horse, nor his delight in the legs of the warrior; the Lord delights in those who fear him, who put their hope in his unfailing love. 

Teach me by your Holy Spirit Everlasting Father to seek your Love, and put all my hope in you. Let my heart want nothing more but you Christ; yes with my mind I ask in lowliness even as you have placed me in your presence as I yet speak. Surely I am being made whole in mind, body and soul.

Thank you Everlasting Father for your Flesh broken and Blood poured. Thank you Christ Jesus for you have completed the works of Love.


I know who i am…(2)

…having been oriented from birth by families, culture and my immediate environment; which is now the internet at my fingertips. I find myself subservient to the secret rule of fallen angels (demons, aliens, extraterrestrial beings), even our leaders, parliaments and senates involuntarily follow protocols from the kingdom of darkness, as mankind is programmed into this set system of fallacy. Isaiah 60:2. Just when it appears like no escape from this rule of law, Christ Jesus became the ultimate slave and punished for coming against the sin, but by breaking the Flesh and pouring out the Blood of the Everlasting Father; the prince of darkness in the universe broke his rein over mankind. Romans 7: 21-25.


Psalm Twenty One

Thank you Everlasting Father for your Flesh and Blood. Thank you Christ Jesus for your Salvation. Thank you for pouring into my mind, body and soul your Spirit Christ Jesus.



I know who i am

When I search my thoughts and watch my intentions come to past then I realize how diabolic I really am. A normal need for success opens me to selfish and inconsiderate goal to reach my market; by any means necessary. A look at the plank in my eye Matthew 7:1-4 reveals to me the truth of the Gospel; I am as wicked as the evil that lurks all around Ephesians 6:12. To judge, criticize or place blame on others is a lucrative way power is withdrawn from mankind to the dark realm. How can we escape being slave to such mystical evil reign over the world?…

Psalm Twenty

Thank you Everlasting Father because you know me. I want to know you, and my every desire to urge for your will.

I did not know how and was lost to your Kingdom, dwelling on earth in darkness until you picked me by the risen Word, and a journey my life is worth living extremely. I thank you Christ Jesus because you have placed me in your Presence

My intentions have not been your will, My ways have been far from you. I have lived as a fool. Thank you christ jesus for my hope is in your flesh and blood.

All my youthful visions were faded; never put one to plan. You feed your Spirit Christ Jesus on my heart, mind and soul. Now your will, your light shows me to live in your visions for me completed. You said; “it is finished”.

Thank you Everlasting Father for your Flesh and Blood in Christ Jesus.

There is no god…

…rather substantial evidence proves there are many gods. As much as there are cultures and ethnicity in the world so are gods which rule over the diverse beliefs. Such difference brings discrimination, hatred, violence and war; the very energy which sustains gods. Isaiah 14:12. One thing remains, absolute rule over mankind. The prince of the powers of the air wants the earth to be merged with his kingdom. The inevitable unity of the worlds is begun. It is time to hold the Truth because the Truth grasps those who know, see and believe they are established in the Kingdom of Christ Jesus.

Psalm Nineteen

Thank you Everlasting Father for your Flesh and Blood. Thank you Christ Jesus for your complete work of Righteousness. In accordance to your will to save me from destruction you have conceived your Kingdom in me, that I will fulfill your Glory in me also. 

I believe you have saved me most High One. Though I have been unfruitful and always been cut down in the past, but your Spirit Everlasting Father confirms I remain in you forever. I know too well I have no Life without you. You have given me many chances even supported me while in darkness; I have only failed and not succeeded to exist.

It is the Flesh broken and Blood poured from Christ which speaks louder than I can, and keeps me in your Presence, saving me from my pending doom. Heal my weary bones and tired body from being idle.

Thank you Everlasting Father for your Flesh and Blood. Thank you Christ Jesus for your Mercy.

“I saw Satan fall like lightning from heaven”

“I saw Satan fall like lightning from heaven”. Luke 10:18. I believe in alternate realms which differs from the physical world. I know there are multidimensional beings living in the world, they access and feed on our energy because we are at a loss to their existence. The earth and the universe is greater than all we see and quite populated by entities, but I will fear no evil; the Flesh and Blood of Christ Jesus brings me comfort.

Psalm Eighteen

Thank you Christ Jesus for your work of true Love completed in the heavens and in the world. The earth has received your Blood and I am set free from my bonds to death. The heavens witness the Word become Flesh, and then crucified; making known your Merciful intention to bring mankind to be one with you.

I witness this Grace by partaking in your Flesh broken and Blood poured. God is love. Whoever lives in Love lives in God, and God in them.

I ask of you Everlasting Father teach me to Love, show me how to Love, heal my hardened heart to Love. I have not given Love to your people, the ones you have placed closest to me. Have I not been cold and indifferent? and not helped anyone because I have been conceited.

I rejoice because you Christ Jesus usher a passion in my wretched soul; to do your Will. Certainly this is my path to Life, for without I remain in my death.

I thank you Everlasting Father you have not left or abandoned me. You Light up the darkness of my soul, and split open my heart of stone; King of Glory come fill my mind that I know not myself anymore, but your very will Christ Jesus.

Thank you Everlasting Father for your Flesh and Blood. Thank you Christ Jesus for your work of Salvation.

Psalms Of David-King


Psalm Seventeen

Thank you Everlasting Father for your Flesh and Blood. You Love me and I know I am not right but only for your Mercy Christ Jesus. Now teach me this Love, to Love as you Love.

She has done me no wrong, she tries to help me yet I take all my folly and non accomplishment in life against her; the mother of my kids. Forgive me that I have not looked at your Mercy. Teach me to support the mother of my children, let your Holy Spirit calm the anger that brews inside of me when I hear her speak.

I have been a great evil and trouble. I thank you Christ Jesus for your mercy over me by your atoning Blood. I thank you also for strength you give my household to produce good works

Thank you for you Flesh and Blood Everlasting Father. Thank you for your work completed in the heavens and on earth Christ Jesus.

…we can’t fight this age

…we can’t fight this age, we all fall prey to tentacles sucking us to the main agenda of slavery; capturing all minds to consent to conformity. The god of this age (science and technology) want the total submission of every individual. I will sing to Christ! Give praise to the Christ! He rescues the life of the needy from the hands of the wicked. Jeremiah 20: 13.


Psalm sixteen

Thank you Everlasting Father. I come to your presence with an agitated heart, an empty soul and my bones are weary remaining redundant from my idleness.

You are my rock and my salvation Christ Jesus. Begin a manifestation of wisdom in me. I know not what to do, when I know what to do I am unable to move to accomplish any plan. Pour in me your Holy Spirit to lift me up and begin a wave of resourcefulness, since I have not been able to provide for myself and my family, show your Mercy on me glorious Christ Jesus.

You were buried beneath the earth Everlasting Father, but the earth could not keep you down. Very well deliver me from every place I have been buried. I rejoice because your Spirit of Resurrection has grant me Life and Fruitfulness like a seed left in the depth of the soil.

I seek your Mercy Everlasting Father. Let me also find your Faithfulness. Begin your transformation in me Christ Jesus. Let your light pass through my very darkness.

Thank you Everlasting Father for your Flesh and Blood. Thank you Christ Jesus for your completed work of Mercy.