So I decided to embark on a Fast

So I decided to embark on a Fast. Lets call it a Fast I listened calmly to myself. I don’t do Fast. I used to though, but could not believe my deliberate state to starve myself benefited myself or the Most High. This was no food Fast; I will abstain from sex and masturbation. It wasn’t a subtle choice but being at the lowest point of my life, “excluding the other two rock bottom I have reached in the past” my confidence in Christ’s Grace begins to wane, I need a relationship rather than my incessant ramblings in His Presence. Luke 10: 39-42.

Psalm Twenty Four

You have established me in your Presence, even so you are continually working on my mind  Christ Jesus.

When I fear my children’s future; I dedicate them to you Christ Jesus, but you tell me fulfilling your Presence is my greatest gift for them. Thank you for you have placed them in a house built and well maintained; your Kingdom Everlasting Father. Thank you Christ Jesus for you have saved your young ones from ruin and poverty, and delivered them from their inheritance of death.

You are the All Mighty One. I know you alone is. You have done mighty works from the beginning of mankind to deliver us from the darkness in which we were conceived. You Everlasting Father could have left us but you did not. When we were not your children, as alien to your Kingdom you left your lofty place to seek mankind. You broke your very Flesh and poured out your Blood to bring us into your Righteousness.

You alone is Holy. You alone is Worthy. You alone is Faithful. You alone deserve Praise. Thank you for your completed work of Salvation Christ Jesus.


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