I know who i am

When I search my thoughts and watch my intentions come to past then I realize how diabolic I really am. A normal need for success opens me to selfish and inconsiderate goal to reach my market; by any means necessary. A look at the plank in my eye Matthew 7:1-4 reveals to me the truth of the Gospel; I am as wicked as the evil that lurks all around Ephesians 6:12. To judge, criticize or place blame on others is a lucrative way power is withdrawn from mankind to the dark realm. How can we escape being slave to such mystical evil reign over the world?…

Psalm Twenty

Thank you Everlasting Father because you know me. I want to know you, and my every desire to urge for your will.

I did not know how and was lost to your Kingdom, dwelling on earth in darkness until you picked me by the risen Word, and a journey my life is worth living extremely. I thank you Christ Jesus because you have placed me in your Presence

My intentions have not been your will, My ways have been far from you. I have lived as a fool. Thank you christ jesus for my hope is in your flesh and blood.

All my youthful visions were faded; never put one to plan. You feed your Spirit Christ Jesus on my heart, mind and soul. Now your will, your light shows me to live in your visions for me completed. You said; “it is finished”.

Thank you Everlasting Father for your Flesh and Blood in Christ Jesus.


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