I know who i am…(2)

…having been oriented from birth by families, culture and my immediate environment; which is now the internet at my fingertips. I find myself subservient to the secret rule of fallen angels (demons, aliens, extraterrestrial beings), even our leaders, parliaments and senates involuntarily follow protocols from the kingdom of darkness, as mankind is programmed into this set system of fallacy. Isaiah 60:2. Just when it appears like no escape from this rule of law, Christ Jesus became the ultimate slave and punished for coming against the sin, but by breaking the Flesh and pouring out the Blood of the Everlasting Father; the prince of darkness in the universe broke his rein over mankind. Romans 7: 21-25.


Psalm Twenty One

Thank you Everlasting Father for your Flesh and Blood. Thank you Christ Jesus for your Salvation. Thank you for pouring into my mind, body and soul your Spirit Christ Jesus.




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