…we can’t fight this age

…we can’t fight this age, we all fall prey to tentacles sucking us to the main agenda of slavery; capturing all minds to consent to conformity. The god of this age (science and technology) want the total submission of every individual. I will sing to Christ! Give praise to the Christ! He rescues the life of the needy from the hands of the wicked. Jeremiah 20: 13.


Psalm sixteen

Thank you Everlasting Father. I come to your presence with an agitated heart, an empty soul and my bones are weary remaining redundant from my idleness.

You are my rock and my salvation Christ Jesus. Begin a manifestation of wisdom in me. I know not what to do, when I know what to do I am unable to move to accomplish any plan. Pour in me your Holy Spirit to lift me up and begin a wave of resourcefulness, since I have not been able to provide for myself and my family, show your Mercy on me glorious Christ Jesus.

You were buried beneath the earth Everlasting Father, but the earth could not keep you down. Very well deliver me from every place I have been buried. I rejoice because your Spirit of Resurrection has grant me Life and Fruitfulness like a seed left in the depth of the soil.

I seek your Mercy Everlasting Father. Let me also find your Faithfulness. Begin your transformation in me Christ Jesus. Let your light pass through my very darkness.

Thank you Everlasting Father for your Flesh and Blood. Thank you Christ Jesus for your completed work of Mercy.

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