Psalms Of David-King

I am played as a fiddle, in a tune for the prince of this world. I call on the Everlasting Father. He comes, he calms and Christ leaves me still a fiddle. The heat is too much it burns sometimes. I want a change now. I believe in this Love which gets me up each morning, the day advances with rage in a battle for my mind, hapless to my emotions I witness my decaying actions to the premonition of fear. I chant very much your wisdom you have provided me; still I want out.


Psalm fourteen

“….And this is how we know that he lives in us: We know it by the Spirit he gave us.” These are your very word Everlasting Father, even after your Loving sacrifice for mankind. 

I come into your presence because you have completed a mighty work. Declaring the power of your will to the princes of this world and the chief prince; You proclaim to the kingdom of death by your Blood you bring to Life to what has been put to an end by regulations

Yes by your Mercy you sustain righteousness in mankind again.

Everlasting Father guide me in my unbelief, lead me to believe in your work Christ Jesus and to love one and another, as I have not loved the people close-by. Fill my heart, mind and soul with your Holy Spirit Christ Jesus

I want to keep your ways, and remain in you as well. All I have known from my birth is darkness and death. Everlasting Father give me life, by your very Flesh broken and Blood poured I receive abundance of life, even as the earth has received your Blood as a ransom for my substance

Thank you Most High Father for the Flesh and Blood. Thank you Christ Jesus for you have completed the work of Mercy.



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