Psalms Of David-King

Marriage is not absolute in a relationship Love is; burdened by my emotions and desires I follow blindly the loose culture of falling. Love is not of this realm, it is not bound to nature, it supersedes all laws. Love does not burden me with regulations but endures my weakness and initiate my strength. Where there is Love there is no sin.

Psalm Twelve

Thank you for your Flesh and Blood Everlasting Father
Thank you Christ Jesus for the completed work.

If there is any Mercy, I ask of you Everlasting Father. I fully acknowledge i have been a fool, such is obvious of my world. Thank you for Grace Christ Jesus I am not with a confused and mad personality anymore, no more would I blame any authority for my woes.

I was in the wrong, I have always been. Now your Spirit has saved me from inherent destruction. Only your Mercy for my wretched soul has brought me into a place of joy. Everlasting Father to attend to my woes, your Flesh broken Christ Jesus and Blood poured out grants me such believe.

I want only of your Spirit of Resurrection to bring me to Life. For I am dead everyday, but your ray of Light which lifts my soul momentarily, perhaps I would be clinically insane. Forgive me for my madness uncontrolled. Reign over me Christ Jesus and my world will be swayed for your Glory.

Transform the very chaos from my every being to your Everlasting Glory. Set me free from the bonds I have made with darkness.

Thank you for your Flesh and Blood, thank you Christ Jesus for the completed works of Mercy. 

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