Psalms Of David-King

I am afraid my ability to fail clouds my mind. All that surround me recalls my folly. There is no one i can turn to, who will understand but me; there is power to change failures and begin again. Success is the end to my new start, thought and planned through a murky repercussion are my goals to win.

Psalm Eleven

I have never known a father but the prince of this world whom enabled me dwell in the depth of darkness for his own sake.

Thank you Everlasting Father, you have now made a kingdom of light known to me by your Flesh and Blood. You walk with me to transition into this grace, thank you Christ Jesus.

I sit daily in the consequences of my evil and perverse ways, yet you help me in your Mercy to walk in your presence. Yes i bear witness to your ever enduring Light.

My orientation has been desolation and destruction. By your Flesh broken Blood poured out leads me to walk and act in your wisdom. I want to be stuck to you, i want to remain in you Christ Jesus. When i dwell in you i exist with life, far away from the camp of death.

Here i am in your presence Christ Jesus, thankful for your Grace.

The life of flesh is in the blood. I realize my life resourceful is in you Everlasting Father by your Flesh and Blood Christ Jesus. 

Thank you Christ Jesus for the completed work of Mercy.

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