Psalms Of David-King

Science as a fact proves life for man; akin to the “tree of knowledge of good and evil”. Science and technology feeds my sensory being, binding me to the law of nature. Truth is Love for mankind, unfathomable to observations of nature. My senses can not discern Love energy only trusting in the goodwill of Love at work.

Psalm Ten

Everlasting Father here i am again by your Grace in your presence. Without your Flesh and Blood my actions and intention would take me far from your presence. Your will though provides me such grace to come before the most high. 

I hope in you for a way out of my bonding with unrighteousness; your Mercy. I ask you Everlasting Father make a way for me to always be in your presence bearing good fruits. Fill my heart, soul and mind with your Holy Spirit.

Thank you for your Flesh and Blood Christ Jesus.

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