Psalms Of David-King

My thoughts sway like a reed in the wind, but i know who i am, i am that established in the darkness of earth for the splendor of creation.


Psalm Nine

I am blind and can not see. I am a fool and have thrown all my pearls to the pigs. I face the consequences of dwelling in darkness but your Flesh and Blood, yes Christ Jesus confirms Mercy for me. You are my hope for a fruitful existence.

I do not know how to worship you. You are the Most High, nothing else comes before you in the heavens, on earth and among all spiritual beings. In your Mercy you said i should ask; Teach me to praise you, yes to acknowledge your mighty work of salvation. 

Your Love so faithful have made a path for the unworthy. Your very blood cleanses a wretched soul. Teach me to grapple onto you like a rope for my rescue. 

Here my father, the prince of this world gives as a mirage; You Everlasting Father gives all of you, your Holy Spirit by the Flesh broken and Blood poured out of Christ Jesus. This i believe, and committed to hold this grace forever, even as you are committed to keep me.

I am fruitful, and begin to bear good fruits because the life of Flesh is in the Blood. Now i have a life in you Everlasting Father. 


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