Psalm of David-King

Psalm Six

I come before you Almighty One only because your Flesh and Blood brings me to your attention. You welcome my presence in your Glory only because you alone is Merciful. I have hope for a future; your Flesh and Blood presents me with this Grace. I have not lived worthy to come before you, yet your Spirit guarantees me a place in you. I want to sing you praise Everlasting Father, yet you sing my praise to the heavenly darkness. 

I want my lips to speak your wisdom only. I need my heart to devise good fruits. I have not done good, i have never fulfilled good fruits. Like a curse i journey the world; dead. 

You are the Almighty One by your Flesh and Blood. I ask of your Spirit, that which raised Christ Jesus from the dead. Lift me up from my darkness and i will praise you, though i have no praise till i hear you speak. Fill my mind, heart and soul with your holy spirit Everlasting Father, and my lips will proclaim Wisdom.

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