Psalms Of David-King

I have not known fear so much till i was despair to rise up from my fall. I was certain i would find myself desolate again. With an innate passive attitude to life, a  sure characteristic of a self destructive person.  well i was left alone, i blame no one. I would desert me too, but Christ never leaves.

Beyond sounds and feelings he infuse me with energy that starts as thoughts and fills every weakness in the body. Further to reasoning he takes my burdened mind on a journey, and i am not terrified by my troubles.

In Christ quietness and righteousness; not mine, am i strengthened.


Psalm Five

Have mercy on me, i see the need to be calm. My heart has not been right before you. I have been quarrelsome among other wrongs, I have dealt angrily with good people. Indeed i brew anger since my soul have lived in fear.

My troubled mind urge for your blood Christ Jesus; you have abundantly poured.

I now have conviction for wisdom. I acknowledge your ability to bear good fruits in me, because i know there is salvation in the Flesh and Blood, only as you have shown me. My hope for a progressive life of sustenance remains my believe that the life of flesh is in the blood. Yes you have given me the grace to believe; not my works, not my boast.

I witness the fulfillment of your work in me Christ Jesus, as you have completed your work; breaking your Flesh and Blood poured out to redeem my wretched soul to your presence.

Thank you Everlasting Father for your Flesh and Blood.

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