Psalms Of David-King

Now i see. Though i have failed you have come to me. I do not know you but you know me. I dwell in the depth of darkness, and you alone have lifted me from my reality into your place of light.

Psalm Four

If my lips can give praise to you Everlasting Father, then i lift my voice and say, you alone Christ Jesus is Father to all gods  There is no power but your will to succeed every ruler in the heavens, and on earth and of thing that is and of things yet to come.

You are the beginning and the end. Yes the kingdom of darkness remains only because of your everlasting love to show that you are Light, Love and Mercy.

Teach me to praise you Almighty One, through your Flesh and Blood i have hope. Guide me to repentance Everlasting Father. My heart seeks you, but you find me though my mind is filled with treachery and folly.

Help me by your spirit, pour out your holy spirit in my heart, my mind and my soul even as you have established your kingdom in me from the beginning.

Thank you for your Flesh and Blood Everlasting Father. Thank you for your completed works Christ Jesus

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