Psalms Of David-King

Everyday life goes on, yet what keeps us going is knowing, someone somewhere cares. ©ZDK 2000

Psalm Two

My heart was convinced i was no good. I feared for my end would be as of the prince of this world. Help me oh God; though you remain my help Everlasting father, my only hope for peace and rest all about.

My life is was in ruins, only by my own hands i kept going into the depth. My thoughts made no sense, and when i speak aloud; very many people will turn away from my folly

Be opened you gate of darkness, Be opened you everlasting door of madness and let light come into my soul. Let wisdom of Love overcome my heart by the everlasting power of the blood of the lamb

Your sacrifice Christ i receive with true conviction, fill my heart, my soul and my mind with your holy spirit, and i will see myself rise up from my desolation and do the will of the Everlasting father.

Now when i proclaim your complete work in me, it will be Loves’ wisdom to draw your people near.

Thank you everlasting father for your flesh and blood; the Kingdom of Christ Jesus established in my heart, mind and soul.

©ZDK 2016

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