Psalms Of David-King

Life is a beauty if you watch each moment of existence. Do not let living go past you in your endeavors, Life is a risk in itself yet you have not a contingency. The one who waits for risk is defeated. Challenge every thought; make your rules as you preside over yourself, then bending rules becomes easy as making rules.I need you holy spirit of the most high

Psalm One

To The Everlasting father, The Prince of peace, The Merciful.

I am wrong in my heart, I am filled with evil intent from my birth till this very hour. Lord; by your Flesh and Blood i ask for mercy.

I am nothing without you, i have no memory of doing any good, or any worthwhile achievement. I have squandered foolishly all the attribute of purpose in my world.

Lord; by your Flesh and Blood i ask for mercy.

Everlasting father, my Salvation, my Hope One thing i ask, yes you have given me the grace to believe in your work; your Flesh broken and Blood poured out.

Please pour your holy spirit in my heart, in my mind, and my soul, even as you have fulfilled your work completed in me.

©ZDK 2016


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