Mindful Chaos

Have you reached rock bottom in your life? bet you are ashamed because all that surrounds you is failure; You know it is beyond a mid-life crisis situation, because it is apparent you have impeded all possible progress. Having made all the worst decision, you taken every step wrong; to arrive your predicament.

Firstly, I will let you know i am not a lecturer, counselor or a guide. Take this from me if you have to; you already have the Help within you to succeed life, only if you believe. Now do not fault yourself ever, or blame another for any damning situations that surrounds you. EVERY CRISIS LIES AN OPPORTUNITY for growth, liberty, power to control and much more positive disposition. Flesh, blood and bones is not a full description of you. There is an intelligent operating ability which lies dormant in our subconscious. Lets call it potential energy of matter.

It is probable you are reading this by chance, maybe you think you are fizzled out of ideas to manage your Life. I know for a fact i was a failure, one might still call me a loser, but i do not think that way any more since i found out my existence has been fulfilled by one very source. No more hidden in the philosophies of the world, so i can unabashed proclaim the work that changed my ineffective and desolate being, as the Flesh of Christ Jesus broken and the Blood of Christ Jesus poured out.


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